a week with two races

Holiday race season is here in full swing! I joined the Exceeding Expectations crew for a couple more races, a 15k and then a tri (which Mike also did). This time instead of helping during race time, we helped them get set up and ready and then raced on our own.

The EE kids had a huge showing, with a number of new runners for the Loma Linda Holiday Classic 5k and 15k on December 7th.

Although we need to work on “visor use” and “race belt function” 😉

For more shots of the kids, check out the foundation webpage writeup of the day.

For the 15k the goal was for it to feel fast for the first 5k. And then for the next 5k realize it was going to keep hurting more and more. And the last 5k I should just want it to be over. It was a challenging course — I don’t think it was ever flat. I can sum up the race quickly: yes, it hurt. No, I didn’t puke at the finish. PR’ed, as it was my first time racing that distance. But I also almost went faster than my 10k pace, and just generally felt like I smoked my expectations. It was the first time that at the turn around I started counting women, and actually was in the top 10! Thrilled, I worked to hold onto where I was. I got passed by a couple, but I was doing all I could and at the finish line was proud of what I had given. 1:12:30 with a 7:47 pace. Good enough for 7th out of 169 women! My age group was FAAAST though – but I was still 4th out of 27 W25-29. And 62/339 overall. Works for me!

Although downhill finishes hurt… it was a holiday race so I had to dress the part!

Then this weekend we took a smaller group of kids to the Tinsel Triathlon and 5k. This time Mike came along (he was in class the previous week). Again we helped kids get ready beforehand, and drove a few of them, but then had our own race. And it was another successful one.

It was a reverse sprint so we started with a 5k run. It hurt, and I wasn’t able to find the same zoned feeling I had during the 15k. I think there was some fatigue still there, and some of it was just how cold it got (for here). Later I learned my “sluggy” feeling 5k was actually pretty close to my standalone 5k times, but it didn’t feel it at the time. I just kept going, wanting to be done and on my bike.

On the bike I flew! New bar set up, and it felt goood! I wasn’t putting out the power I expected, but I was passing and passing and passing people for the 12 miles. Just staying aero and pushing. Out and back, complete with some wind fighting, and jumped off the bike. Oh geez my quads were not too pleased with running to the rack. Forgot my goggles, Mike (already done) screamed at me and I grabbed ’em. Off to the pool, wondering how I’d be able to actually breathe in the water.

Jumped in and just went. It was a crazy, horrid swim. Too many people and with a 50m pool made into 3 lanes that you zigzagged through meant no one swam the same direction as anyone else. Some one used my back to push off with 2 hands, one hand grabbed my ankle. I kicked some guts that were over my feet pushing me down. But I swam hard and passed people and focused on just pulling and kicking and going. And then it was the end, and I passed people who were walking to the edge of the pool when it was still deep. Then out of the water, and done.

No official splits, but my watch had the run at 22:42 (7:39 pace), and my PT had the bike at 32:16 (20.9mph). My final time was 1:01:24! 1st of 57 in my age group, 11th of 403 women, and 134th of 1002 overall.

And Mike kicked butt 🙂 1st in M35-39, 1st male, and 1st overall! Yup, I have a pretty speedy husband! And the swim did matter, even though only 150m. He was 3rd into the water, but passed both the other guys. I’m proud of him.

The top 3 guys: Mike (in the Inland Inferno jacket), Ronnie (yes, he raced with the bear head on for the run — and not much else), and Ryan.

Our club, Inland Inferno, had a pretty good day!

[thanks to Lee of Exceeding Expectations for the Loma Linda pictures]

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