yup, it was a good one

Today was one of those days when I felt a bit under the weather. I backed out of the awesome Saturday ride (that always drops me — I’ve never done the whole course and always shortcut to get back on!) and relaxed. The puppy slept, and licked, and I browsed online, playing on Facebook, buying another running skirt, and generally just being lazy.

It didn’t last long. Gracie woke up, and was full of beans (if you ask me) or piss and vinegar (if you ask Mike). We played with Ropey in the backyard, but I wasn’t feeling up to sprinting. So we went for a walk. And Gracie learned that sometimes paths are not for the best footing, but for where cars drove over wet grass. And that that means soft gooey mud! And that mud puddles are fun to drink out of, but stepping in them makes them less tasty. We headed the route that Mike would be biking back at the end of the Saturday ride, but we “only” walked for about an hour and forty minutes and we beat him home by about 4 minutes.

Relaxing in the sun

Somepuppy was covered in mud, and smelling a bit… well… doggy. So it became bath day, and then a short walk to dry off a bit more. Mike and I headed out, and ate a massive amount of yummy BBQ food, and then more relaxing with the family (oh, and talking about new chiro clinic plans since we might have found the perfect site!).

Then, since it is still October, and we haven’t missed a day yet, it was run time. We tried out a new LED flashing light leash for Grace and it worked really well. I like her to be lit up like a Christmas tree!

So the day started sleepy, and is ending that way. I still don’t feel awesome, but it was a good day. And has left me with a contented smile. Mmm 🙂

3 thoughts on “yup, it was a good one

I’ve been under the weather too . . . but I wish my day had been yours . . . sounds like you and the critters (oh . . . and Mike too) had a very nice day!

I’m thinking ’bout heading down south sometime later this year . . . we should meet up (finally!).

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