The wedding finally done with, and the site cleaned up, Mike and I got the car packed up again. In between our packing my mom did some more decorating.

Finally ready, we headed back down the coast toward Montery (much later than we had hoped to be leaving) for 2 nights before finishing our drive back. We arrived at our hotel about 11:30 at night. We came in, and the night desk staff told us they had no rooms, and no record of our reservation (and no computer access). Not what we wanted to hear, and he had to call in a manager. When he arrived, he did find our reservation — it was only in their online reservation system and somehow they didn’t get it into their main system. To make up for it, we were upgraded to an ocean view room and given the first night free. This view was pretty relaxing:

The first day we de-stressed: we were in bed until about 4:30pm! Ok, we were up for a bit at 9 when they brought us breakfast 😉 Once up, we went for a walk on the beach and then out to dinner.

The next day we kayaked for a bit before driving home.

Back in LA, we had one day to get our bikes packed and our bags for our trip to Canada for our reception and honeymoon race.

In Canada we took some more wedding pictures in the Gut (a conservation area by where Mike grew up):

And more at his dad’s house (yup, that shirt I have on was a surprise from me to him as we got ready to leave my mom’s after the wedding – he got the I <3 KY one when we did IMLou last year):

Then it was off to his brother’s house and to register for the race (but all the race stuff will be in a later post). To get there we drove through Algonquin Park… this is how close we got to a moose!

And then back to his dad’s for our Canadian reception. It was more friends and family, chat, and good food. I finally got to meet a bunch of his college buddies, too.

The reception done, it was back to his brother’s house and to race the next day!

After the race, we spent a night in Toronto seeing some sights (like the CN Tower) and going for a walk. And then it was time to head home and get back to regular life.

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