the arrival of donutdogg

Our family has grown to 3 as Mike and I adopted a dog this weekend! She is about 2 years old, and a German Sheppard/lab mix. Very very smart, very sweet. And very energetic!

We have gone for a walk

And this morning she went for her first run with me. A nice easy four miles on packed dirt (we know her host family and she had done some multihour hikes and still had energy, and after a long walk that didn’t phase her Mike and I decided she could try that). We got home, and it was time for more ball! 🙂 Yeah, she was good to go. Although I bet she is sleeping in her crate right now.

Like she did after lots of ball and playing on Saturday. I’m not sure who is more tired there… although it is a bit of a picture trick — I swear I wasn’t really asleep…. that time!

Welcome Gracie!

And just so she feels at home, she now has her own motionbased account 😉 (and gmail, cause you need an email address to get on motionbased…)

5 thoughts on “the arrival of donutdogg

Hi Mike and Kylie:

Nice dog!
Is that your new house?
Got your wedding invitation……… will pedal together forever – cute!
Love Mom xxooxoxoxoxo

Hey Kylie,

Always appreciate your advice on trifuel and am glad to see more about you here. +1 on the chiro.

Anyway, could not help but notice your new dog out in front of you in the picture above. not that it is forbidden, but this is often an easy sign of who the leader is. might not seem like anything now, but could devolve into other problems.

So, I write to suggest what my family including 2 dogs does. We follow the advice of Ceasar Milan. Heard of him? He would definately recommend the running with the dog – which I am sure you have down. But he’d advise on how to do it. Anyway, check out his books, website, and national geographic show. He’s a solid guy and knows what he’s talking about.

Good luck.

Hey thanks for the info! We have enjoyed Ceasar’s show and plan to get a couple books soon. We weren’t too worried that day since it was her first walk and she was nervous and excited to be out sniffing a new area. We are new dog owners (as adults) and are learning as we go 🙂

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