wedding update

Well time flies when you are having fun, so the wedding just keeps getting closer and closer! A date and location has been determined, and I have a dress already. The main things we need to get going with are the announcements and rings!!

And today I emailed the honeymoon race and gave them an update on what my name will be, which was fun.

At least we already have a somewhat “theme” (basically how our invites and favors and such will all tie together and to us). But yet so much more to do!

1 thought on “wedding update

wait.. hold up. you are engaged??!! congratulations!!!!!!!!!! so exciting!@!! i think i’ve been so caught up in my own planning stuff that i totally miss your post about the best weekend ever! ahh so excited for you! and plus its fun to have someone else to talk wedding madness with 🙂

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