watt was I thinking?

Ok so it’s a geeky title. But no surprise then, right?

I rode this morning — my 20.5 mile out and back that is basically flat. And it was a bit windy, but nothing super crazy. I just had no power. None. Felt like I was running on empty or something. Even 100 watts felt unholdable. Not a great feeling, but I did the whole ride, home, and off to work.

Talking to Mike just now he reminded me that I haven’t been sleeping well at all — or have been working til crazy late for some unknown reason. Oh yeah. I always forget that sleep is a part of performance. But today’s looooow power numbers for similar perceived exertion to other rides sure reinforced it! Maybe next time I’ll remember.

1 thought on “watt was I thinking?

I feel ya, Cali Girl! Work schedule plays havoc with the training schedule which makes my run suck. Not so much my bike, thank god. See ya in a few weeks!

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