a typical weekend with a bit of speed

The short version: This weekend I biked a lot (and was speedyfast!) and ate yummy food. Mike is cute.

The longer version:

Saturday was just under 56 miles on the bike going out through Rancho on Baseline (after a morning 3ish mile run and PANCAKES! mmm school fundraiser breakfasts!). It felt pretty good, and I thought I would neg split the ride on the way back, but then turned and found out how WINDY it was. Heh… no wonder it had felt so good. Made it home though.

Sunday was long ride day, as usual. It was another out and back by time. Mike and I picked 3:20 as the out time, but then he ended up going shorter to get back and get more work done. So instead of chasing him and then being chased I just got to chase and see him at one point as he passed going the other way. Anyways… last time we did that same out and back it was to 3:10. Well I passed the turnaround from that ride in under 3:05! So I knew I was riding strong despite the headwind on the way out. Then I realized… if I pushed it, I was going to make it to 56 in the 3:20! That’s about the fastest I’ve done a 56 mile ride, and it would mean 112 miles for the day! Yes, an IM length ride. And if the times stayed right, at a very good (30+ min) PR!! And yes, I did it =) Cut off even more time on the way home, and set a new 56 mile PR during that I believe, as well as one for the 112. I ended up being at 112.77 miles in 6:37:39! That’s just over a 17mph pace, which is something I rarely hit, and it was for my second longest bike ride EVER!

Getting off the bike I still felt awesome. Not marathon-ready awesome (my calories per hour need to be higher for that during the ride) but pretty awesome. And then enjoyed yummy Macaroni Grill favorites with Mike ๐Ÿ™‚ And then Swedish Fish. Man those little fish are so tasty. Oh and Mike called me speedyfast ๐Ÿ™‚ And it was a good weekend.

I’m making a few changes to my training schedule — namely trying to make sure key workouts are on rested legs. I think it’s really really helping. My long run this week was 16 miles and the same exact route as last week (which was on fairly drained legs). Last week? 9:27 pace. This week? 9:06 pace. Which was probably a bit too hard, but I noticed I was going to go under 2 hours for the half marathon, which I’ve never done, so I had to push it a bit to hit that time ๐Ÿ˜‰

The other change I’m making is a 30 minute massage every other week. Mike has a new massage therapist who is the BEST EVER and I think it’s helping my legs. Plus it has that hurts so good feeling.

8 thoughts on “a typical weekend with a bit of speed

whoa! six hours on the bike! that’s amazing… talk about mental strength. and you know what, that’s the benefit to all this training.. the yummy food that follows!!

congrats on the PR!

TriVortex — we basically went down the San Gabriel River Trail for a while and then onto PCH (heading south) until time was up ๐Ÿ™‚ It’s a great ride.

Oooh the Sat ride… we go down Foothill/Route 66 to where it hits Baseline, and Baseline to Hermosa, and then up Hermosa to Banyan. We go down Banyan if there is time, but this time I hit that intersection right at turn around time. Then we go back the same way, but when we get to Foothill and Amelia (San Dimas/Glendora area) we sometimes go up to Foothill (instead of staying on the Route 66 part).

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