story of a ride in 1016 words

Yes… the scale is right. 88 miles and 13,260 ft of climbing. ‘Nuf said. Shower time.

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plus it was beautiful! It’s great to know places like that so close to LA and with so few people. In second half there were about 5 miles of road that has no outlet so almost no cars, and about 15 miles of completely closed road!

I’ll probably be posting a picture story of the ride later this evening as Mike got a bunch of shots.

And happily I’m not really sore today 🙂 Only one spot where my leg slammed into the bars when the chain dropped on a short steep climb at the start.

So where is the heart rate graph? 😛 15 miles of closed road sounds too good to be true. Well done.

Oh wow! That looks amazing. I’m getting ready to move back to Kansas, and I am definitely going to miss the availability of hill work. I suppose I’ll have to make do with the headwinds.

Amazingly my heart rate was pretty low the whole day… 136 avg over the day (my biking max is 196). In the 150-160 range for the climbing half. But I might be getting sick… it was lower than usual on the Saturday ride which is a more normal loop for me.

And you can see the graph if you click on the link that says “88 miles and 13,260 ft of climbing 😉

But I saw your HR maxed out at 227 on the ride. Still an amazing ride, I sure couldn’t tackle that one yet.
I do wish I had some longer hills close by, actually I wish I had some bigger bumps near by. The hils “I use the term loosely” are really not much more than speed bumps in comparison to your ride.

Yeah… the 227 was interference… if I ever get my HR that high I might be about to die 😉

This was definitely a mountain and not just a hill… it’s big for here, too.

kylie- thank you sooo much for your extremely helpful comment on my blog! it is good to hear from someone else who has encountered the same issues as i, and found a solution! i am totally going to try some of those tricks to training with the boy.. and i’d love to hear more tricks that you have up your sleeve.. cause anything is better than fighting!
also, you enlightened me about the fact that i was being somewhat unreasonable. that, no we don’t have to do mile for mile together, but that we are still training “together.” again, thank you!! your wisdom is invaluable!

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