another attempted ride

Here’s Mike and me ready to go out for a ride (click for a bigger version)!

The ride ended up not working as well as we hoped… and the 4 hours turned into about 35 minutes when we realized my chain was not happy — Mike had shortened it that morning, and the pin in the new link hadn’t gone through all the way. And we were out of pins… so the ride turned into a trip to a bike shop and a movie out. Blades of Glory is funny!!

Oh, and Mike did well at CA 70.3 — 4:37 (after a 4:35 goal). So that was great — he had forgotten to take into account how long the TA is, and as a first race really getting back into it, I’m definitely proud of how he did!

6 thoughts on “another attempted ride

Wow, more issues with the bike. I’m hoping all the hard troubles its bringing out now will end once you get everything settled. It sure looks like a sweet ride!

Well this issue was really more with the mechanic, but don’t tell Mike I said that 😉 They are an AWESOME ride and should be all good to go now!

Sorry your ride didn’t go as planned, but at least you got some laughs with the movie. You guys are looking stylin’ with your new bikes! 😉

Awesome time for him. Look at you in those Trifuel socks 😛 We all wear them now hehe. Hope all is going well for you guys. Btw, my multi tool has 2 pin links in it and it has a chain tool on it as well. Try one of this for the kit bag. It saved my A$$ a few times. Ciao!

Congrats Mike! Too bad about the chain. That’s the second chain incident I’ve heard this month. Be careful it might be an epidemic. At least you guys saw a semi-athletic movie.

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