a good week so far

So far this week is going great. I worked from home Monday to order the bikes, which means I didn’t swim (since the good pool is by work). But for once I didn’t then blow it off! Tuesday morning found me in the water being all fishlike (or at least attempting to be).

I also got in a great brick on Monday — about 20 miles on the bike and then 3 on foot. Threw in a bit of climbing on the bike just for fun, and pushed a comfortable pace on the run to see what kind of 3 mile pace I can hold after a good ride. Managed about 9:17 miles, which is good for me 🙂

The long run on Wednesday also felt pretty good. Last week was off to give my knee some healing time as it was sore, but it only bothered me for a second during the run and not at all after it.

And this morning brought out the bike (although with leg warmers again as it was a bit colder here today) for a quick ride chasing Mike. And I tried to use him during the section with a strong headwind, but it was coming from mostly everywhere so it didn’t do too much good.

I think I’m more rested this week. I feel much less sleepy just in general, and like I have more energy. I think I’ve been eating better as well, and it’s paying off.

Tonight will not have a workout. And will have indulgence in bad food and good company. After I teach I need to scurry home and head out to watch the Premier of Survivor! Cheer for Anthony with me!

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I just saw the info for the Danskin Women’s Tri at Bonelli again this year… you gonna do it? I have to talk to Mike about races for the year (other than the A races already picked).

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