OMG snow is kewl

This morning as I got off the freeway I saw what appeared to be white flakes hitting my windshield, and I smiled, knowning there was a chance of “rain/snow showers”. But I still didn’t expect that when I turned the corner onto the street with the gym I’d be greeted by tons of cars with a coating of snow! Or that I would be able to make a snowball as I walked to the gym (shhh… don’t tell… I’ve just never lived in snow and gotten to the point where it isn’t exciting). Or that I’d step into the pool from snow 🙂

Let me take this time to remind you I live in southern CA and it was in the 70s and 80s a few days ago. And that this was at 1160 feet of elevation and only about an hour from the beach.

[1800 yards done in a pool that felt sooooo warm compared to air]

7 thoughts on “OMG snow is kewl

Ha ha. My mom said it was going to be cold and that they had even talked about snow in Upland! I wish I was home so I could have riding in snow stories like bbb.

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