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I bike commuted today… yes, crazy, eh? It had been almost 3 months! But I wanted to get back on so I did.

On the train, I overheard a lady telling a story about a close family friend. Her friend does triathlons, and recently missed one since she got hit by a car and hurt her knee! The lady also said how the women was a great inspiration for all. This lady bikes to work… in fact, she doesn’t even own a car! She has also dropped an amazing amount of weight, and made the tri thing not a fad but a true lifestyle. I could feel the pride as she talked, and smiled as the story sounded familiar to me. I turned, and started listening more obviously. A second later, the lady mentioned how Lisa is just a great, wonderful person, and how much she likes her photograpy (and how she thinks her oldest son should marry her). I grinnned. “Lisa Gonzales?” The lady looked a bit surprised, and smiled. I was right! I guessed the name of the day’s heroine!

So on the train this morning I met Mindy’s mom (I think it was Mindy…). She had nothing but wonderful things to say about Lisa, and I loved hearing the story of a fellow wonderful triathlete being used as morning inspiration!

And I bike commuted, and it felt good. I will have to do it more often. Then I wondered if taper time was the right time to get back into it… but hey, part of why I commuted was that there is finally a 45-90 minute ride in my schedule, and I figure 2 40-50 minute rides will count.

5 thoughts on “a local inspiration

yea Lisa has the character of a great person. I’m glad to be a member of trifuel where people make you feel like you can do more and better not only in tris but also as a human being.

Woo for the bike commuting! And it’s a nice time to do it since it’s cooling down and the mornings are lovely. 😀

It’s Mondi, but everyone thinks Mindy when they hear it. 🙂 Even my mom got it wrong for years. Ha ha…that’s Pat but you should know that she’s biased! Mondi and her family pulled me into their fold so she’s talking like a mom. I was reading this and thinking “hey, cool, another bike commuter”. It was a nice surprise.

*grin* Of course she is biased! But we all are when it comes to heros and family and those we love =) As we should be!

That is so cool! Good time for some motivation/inspiration. Between hearing Libor’s pseudo voice and stories of Lisa’s heroics you can’t go wrong! 🙂

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