I now have a system tray icon (those little ones by the clock in Windows) that looks like a Trifuel flame. And if I hold the mouse over it, a little box tells me the exact countdown to Vineman. If I right-click on it, I get the options of showing or hiding the actual application (which is just a countdown box that appears on the desktop) or exiting. Woo! I’m pretty excited. Especially since it will be very easy to customize for other races. I could do whatever icons I want, and countdowns to any dates and then any titles (right now the application titlebar says “Vineman”. In fact, I might write a program so that all I do is enter the new title and date, and maybe icon, and it makes a countdown for me.

Yes, I would be willing to share little applications for other races. It’s just a small exe that doesn’t take much processor time (so far as I have seen, and it shouldn’t really). =) Lisa, if you need a Vineman one I could email it to ya 😉

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You are such a smarty. 🙂 Woo Hoo! That would be cool, but you’d have to send it to my hotmail account because they blocked .exe files here at work.

Programmers… hehe. I’m an IT mgr, but NO a programmer. Made it through C+ class and moved over to the networking side!

Communications is fun. Now programming…. yikes! I am curious to see the code for that tray app though. If you have my email, could you send it to me?

It’s sent… =)
Let me know if you have any questions.
Basically I just made a regular app, but by default it doesn’t appear on the screen. And it has a tray icon (notifyicon).

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