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So when I started doing really HR running, it was definitely frustrating. I had to slow down soooo much! I always averaged around 10 min/mile, and now it was a struggle to stay at 11:30 or 12 minute miles! But it was base training time, so I was hoping it would pay off. I just noticed in my monly averages on motionbased…

For street running, in January (when I started to do really HR training) I averaged 5 mph and did about 86 miles.

For street running in February I averaged 5.5 mph but only did about 53.5 miles.

For street running in March I averaged 5.6 mph for 54 miles.

For street running in April I averaged 5.7 mph for 61 miles.

And so far this month (although it has felt like not many miles since the race has left me SORE!) I’ve averaged 5.8 mph and gotten in 49.5 miles.

Although I’m not as strict on my HR, I think that means it is working! I just need to find my true love of running again (it left last week as my sore knee and exhaustion took over). And keep ice on the knee so that soon I can get those miles back up 🙂

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Oh I know what you mean. I thought I’d have to go see a sports shrink to get me thru the base stuff. Actually ran at night so nobody could see me running sooooo slooowwww. LOL Keep at it, you’ll see progress soon!

Hey you are making some progress. Consistency, volume and frequency is the key Kylie. Remember to throw in a tempo run once/week too. That stresses the body. I hear ya about the injury thing. Keep at it and I hope it gets better soon. Damn, don’t ya just hate the injury thing!

Great improvements, Kylie. 🙂 Hope your wheel issues are gone and your mtb bike is happy to be home. Have a great weekend. 😀

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