blisters of doom

So my toes are still all blistery from the weekend. Which meant bike commuting just sounded no fun, so I have driven the last 2 days. Teach karate on rough carpet barefoot opened up at least one (at least they aren’t all goopy inside at this point… drained but still a bubble of skin). I was a bit worried about swimming with them (since pushing off the wall seemed like asking for trouble) but they were ok for the pushing part this morning. However, what did get to them was just kicking… I could feel the water on them is such an odd way! It wasn’t a big deal though… I just swam with my toes sorta holding each other together, and it was only 1200 yards. At least the blisters are getting better, and the majority of foot pain from the other raw and abused skin is also gone.

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Oh, and it’s Bike to Work week. Bummer. I think you might get to ride the train for free tomorrow with your bike. Or is it Friday? Maybe you’ll be better by then. 🙂

Weird question…which of your sports makes you feel more like SuperGirl? Tris or karate?

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