procrastination & anticipation

Ahhhhh I’m way too good at procrastinating. I leave in the morning (8:30ish) for Nevada for an adventure race and I haven’t even really started packing! We even have to make stops on the way there to have a pump for the pack rafts we need… else they aren’t going to float too well.

I’m starting to stress a bit… my shoulder was sore earlier this week, and my knee, and my foot is being all funky again (maybe I should just suck it up and get the MRI done…). It’s all on my left side. Feels fine now, but we’ll see how it feels 18 or so hours into the race. I’m nervous… it’s a new team. Seem like really cool guys, but after a bad team experience it’s harder for me to trust my gut about teammates. I don’t feel prepared for this race. I haven’t been on the mtn bike in way too long, I haven’t paddled in almost 100 days if my trifuel log is right, and I’m afraid that it is. I’m worried that I’m going to let the boys down.

At the same time, I like knowing a general idea of the plan. As of now, I’m not even positive how I’m getting home. I might fly, might drive. A boy (yes, so often it’s for a boy) is coming into town, and I really want to see him… so I might fly back to have more time with him. And could even end up on his flight from Vegas to Ontario (which is the opposite direction leg of the flight where we met), and that would be good. But of course I’m just feeling apprehensive about all of it right now. *SIGH*

It will be an awesome weekend. Great course, fun people. Good challenges and plenty of heat (should be over 100 Saturday!). Sweating and playing in the dirt. Biking awesome trails, paddling, and the joys of inflatable boats. I am looking forward to it… now to focus on that. Oh right… and to pack…

5 thoughts on “procrastination & anticipation

Wow! Sounds like you have alot on the go. Good luck with it Kylie. All the best for the race and race safe, no injuries ok? (I’m one to talk :-P)

Cool another adv. race. That means another adv. race report! Have a great time and yes, be safe!

Maybe start swimming when the rafts don’t float too well, could be faster;-) After all, you’re a fish right? hehe. Good luck and have fun!!!

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