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Last night I got home to see my roommate riding the bike I got her around our street!! So I joined her (I bike commuted so was already on a bike), and even got her to go around the block twice! It’s exciting… as a kid she never learned to ride, and it’s one of my missions to get her comfortable enough to bike commute to her work (about 1.25 miles on easy roads with a bike lane and wide shoulder, etc). I think I even have her convinced that it might be nice to sometimes ride to her boy’s place… just under 3 miles away. To get there is a bike path… no cars, and lights at all road crossings. I think it would be fun for her (plus parking at his place sucks).

Then I got up this morning to find a message on my computer from my roommate’s boyfriend’s roommate, who is also a good friend of mine, and who I took to Foothill Cyclery the other day. He is going to get the Jamis they showed him! Wooo! He ran 6 miles each day last year (yes, every day, 6 miles, always the same route, or the track or treadmill — not the best plan but it worked for motivation for him). Oh and did I mention he likes to swim? And that I told him to do the tri that is this Sunday (minisprint)? Heh… Right now I’m thinking if they have a bike in his size and he gets it this week I might have to work more on that part. *grin*

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