U2, slacker!

It was a fun weekend… mtn biking, tons of road biking, kayaking (almost 10 miles!), parties… mmm 🙂 And Halloween was fun, 'cause I got new running shoes! They are shiney and purple! It's great!

So I'm a slacker and going to miss yoga and swimming tonight. I'm kinda sad, 'cause I was really looking forward to it. However, I will be going to a U2 concert (a friend has extra tickets, so I just found out last night at like 11:30). That will also be fun, and I might just leave work early and get in a swim and perhaps quick run before we go.

Oh, and my adventure racing team is cursed 🙁 First we train, and I sprain/stress fracture my foot. Then we go to register, and that morning a teammate gets hit by a car. He'll live, but no racing for a while (it was a bad one with reconstructing of muscles and such). So our 4 person team became 3. And now another guy can't make it, as his mom is very sick (cancer) and probably going to die within a week. Of course, missing a race should be of no concern at all, and I'm hoping the best for him and his family. So we are a team of 2. And we have to be 3 or 4 to race. I asked TdB, but he is done, and Randy also wants to be done. I have a few other people I'm waiting to hear from, but I hope the curse ends!

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