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Wow what a race! The thing with some of this shorter distance stuff is that it is over so fast! And hurts so much! And so sometimes it is hard to remember what happened. I remember the start… on Main St. USA in Disney Land. Minnie Mouse, in a run outfit, started our day. In a flash of confetti strips, around the circle in front of Sleeping Beauty’s castle, and into Adventureland. Past the Jungle Cruise, and around into Frontierland and past the Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (which made me smile and think of the Mike-friend that I met there some years back). Past the Matterhorn, which I barely even noticed as I was passing the girl who led out our wave, and ended up in first for the wave for a bit! That was a first 🙂 And then we ran into the behind the scenes part where we saw people taking out trash. There I saw some of the women from the earlier waves stopping for a picture with Minnie 🙂

Into TA and onto the bike, time to hurt. Some weaving through other waves, but not too bad since the race had a huge number of lanes closed everywhere so that there was always room to go by. Pedal pedal pedal! Oh, and after being sick much of the week, a fair bit of hacking up lunggunk. Oh, and to go back a bit, Friday night I somehow got a rib out of place, and luckily convinced my wonder-chiro-husband into his office early Saturday morning, where an adjustment and some muscle stym and another adjustment got it back in place. Still not quite turning well as I left for the hotel the night before the race, and my muscles were exhausted, I worried a bit about the bike and aero position. But it was a course easy to stay aero, and I just went. My power was definitely lower than I had hoped, but later learning I had the 3rd fastest bike (another first!) made that easier to take — plus it was my first race where I averaged over 20mph!

Around the parking lot where transition was (which was a good quarter mile) and off the bike, run shoes back on, and it was time to accept it was going to HURT. Took a minute to really find my pain-desire, and soon I was moving as I headed into California Adventure. I smiled as I passed the Bug’s Life play area, remembering spending time there with Ethan. I then caught up to one of my favorite tri ladies, Cherie, one of the Exceeding Expectations leaders, and turned for one of the coolest stretches of the race. Running through the Hollywood area, there was a mural at the end of the road of buildings and the road off into the distance. It felt like you would keep going forever, and the buildings really had that Disney feel. Suddenly I was behind the scenes again, and leaving the park! The run was a bit short, 1.6 miles, and not the 2 I expected. So I pushed it a bit more, constantly thinking there were footsteps behind me. But I didn’t get passed (actually, other than I think 2 people — including one of the EE girls! — in the first run, I don’t think I was passed all day. So that was also a first!

I didn’t feel awesome the whole day, but everything just went right for me. The race had great energy, and I was thrilled to cross the finish line, and then wait around to find out how I did. Once the results were up, I was proud! 55:07 for 5th overall and 1st in my age group! This du thing sure hurts more than tris, and I do miss the swim, but it is also quite an experience, and I hope to do more in the future. Official results are here — including myself on the leaderboard! Crazy yo!

The five girls that went with us, as well as Cherie, also had very strong days. I was so proud to see each one smiling across the line! And then, there was a day at Disney! I thought racing hurt… but the standing in lines for hours after… that was something else 😉 Exhausted, we finally made it home.

Oh, also of note… with 5 girls, Cherie, and myself we needed to fit 7 people, 7 bikes, all the race stuff and all the stuff for a night at a hotel into my car and Cherie’s. We both have SUVs, but my CRV and her Explorer are not the biggest vehicles! Yet somehow my CRV fit 6, yes 6, bikes in the back! And that was with the back wheels all still on. The final bike went on my roof rack, and all the spare wheels fit nicely in the roofbox. And Cherie’s car easily took all the bags. At the hotel, these other ladies also racing were getting their bikes ready as we came out and got out all the bikes. They asked how we fit that many people and bikes all in that one little car, and thought it was like a clown car 🙂 But nope, just my magic little car!

So it was a great weekend, and as Lee would have said if he was there, a splendid time was had by all 🙂

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Sounds like a great race Kylie! Ask Mike if that’s where I spent a day with Lisa!

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