365 days

One year… and so much can change. Ok so it’s not near a new year, but I was just reflecting today… Over the last year I:

  1. Lost my grandpa
  2. Moved to Redlands and got rid of commuting
  3. Became the puppy-mommy to amazing Gracie
  4. Got married
  5. Opened a business (I’m listed as owner for Redlands Spine and Sport on the paperwork :))
  6. Lost my miniature horse
  7. Lost my grandmother

And looking outside the big, chronologically ordered events above:

  1. Ran faster than I have before
  2. Enjoyed swimming more than I have before
  3. Found that amazing connection with a running partner (Gracie)
  4. Started learning to train a dog and find pride in the development of my little Gracie
  5. Really got to become a part of the Exceeding Expectations team
  6. Figured out a really cool project to use to complete my Masters in GIS (geographic information systems – ie computer mapping and analysis)

A lot to a year! A lot of change, both good and sad. A lot of growth! And that is good.

2 thoughts on “365 days

Aloha from Hilo, HI . . .

Wow . . . what a retrospective! Much growth and much sadness, but it has made you stronger and wiser.

Congrats on the new business!

And You left an inspiring message on trifuel, for a complete misfit beginner and for that he is really grateful. Cheers

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