Reason #533 I love my coach

PCF. Patience, consistency, frequency. It’s about getting stronger one day at a time. It’s not about PRs in training and breaking yourself, but about building and progressing to a strong self (and with that PRs at the races). A movement closer to potential.

With that in mind, lets take a look at the swim today. A couple 50s FAST and pushing it, a 100 strong and relaxed as part of recovery, lather, rinse, repeat. Using the clock to make sure I get rest and can do well, and focusing on killing the 50s. Well on those 100s, strong but not feeling like really really crazy pushing it, I was hitting about 1:50.

Now take a step back. To June, actually, and a particular swim workout then. 15×100 on 1:55. I was worried about making it, and thrilled with my 1:51 times. Wait, really? Now that 1:50 is what I expect on strong hundreds. Nice.

Another step back. To January and another particular swim workout. There my cruise pace was 1:55-1:57, and I was thrilled to hit 1:50 on my fast FAST 100s. That was after I first started working with Marky, and he was just giving me tips and not a complete training plan.

The big picture. You know, the one that gets lost in trying to remember the workout scheduled, and working, and making lunch and cleaning the house? The one you ignore because that hard run just sounds good? The one that has you out of the water for months because hey it’s “off season” (whatever that is)? Yeah, that one. He doesn’t forget it — my workouts are moving me in the right direction.

PCF baby! Patience, consistency, frequency. Yeah, I get it. I’m in!

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