so many watts I broke my bike

Yesterday’s schedule called for a 15mi time trial test on the tri bike. I knew of a loop that I thought would be great for it, and that I pass on the way to work, so I headed out there. It’s a 4 mi loop that is basically flat and has a single stop sign I have to really pay attention to, plus 2 that are a T intersection. So by going the right way you can really sit at a consistent number and “git ‘er done”.

It was my first time trying to hold a set and hard power number for that long. It was tough! But finally I got to the part with instructions “for the last mile try to tear the cranks off the bike” and I begged and pleaded with my legs — “Just one more mile, and then I promise I’ll back off, and shift, and you can have a nice easy spinny loop before we head off to work” and they did it, just for me!

I cruised for a bit, and started downshifting. KAPABLAM! The rear shifter exploded in my hand. Well, it hadn’t felt like it was shifting well during the test, so I was mostly just thankful it waited til after my 15 miles to poop out on me. But it did mean that I couldn’t shift, and of course with the lack of tension on the cable the rear derailleur moved to “hardest to pedal” gear. And then the front was like well, no, I don’t want to make your life easy, so if you shift to the little ring I’m going to not catch.

So after all the promises I made to the legs, and how they held up their end of the bargin, I didn’t get to give them the nice easy spinny part they love. And instead had to have a very low cadence and make it back to the car that way.

But at least I suffered for the prescribed 15 miles first. And legs, I know I don’t always keep my promises, but I was trying — really! I’ll make it up to you. How about a swim this evening?

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I had a Da rear fall apart on me in the middle of a 50 mile ride. I was somewhat able to screw it back together, but had to hold the lever in place so it wouldnt go all the way to the hardest gear. Not fun!

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