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So one of my favorite rides includes a stretch along a dam (flat and wide bike trail). Unfortunately something (perhaps in it) turns out to be one of the only places in about 100 miles of us where PT often loses reception at least for a bit, as Rich of Wheelbuilder let Mike and I know. Oh well, it’s still part of a great ride — the end of the dam and back is just over 20 miles for me a good quick morning ride.

Today though both our PTs were having issues regaining signal after we were through that section and a couple miles from it. While mine was dropping signal and finding it again, Mike’s gave up. However, I remembered that holding down both buttons for a second will make the screen say “FIND” and it will do what appears to be a stronger refresh of the signal – after doing that on his, I don’t think he had any more issues, and I stopped having them as well. We just had to be careful: if you hold down both buttons, it scrolls through “FIND” (what we wanted) and then “- clr -” which will reset all the data on the PT (definitely not what we want), and then into a setup screen (which is weird to get out of).

One of my biggest PT annoyances had been that once it lost your HR it didn’t look for it again. So go pee, and no more HR. ARG! Today I realized that the “FIND” will also rescan for the HR strap! So I now know how to get it back. Much better!

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You know I wouldn’t say it has been a lot of trouble… just a few finicky things that we didn’t fully understand. And ask me again later if it was worth it, but so far I think so and I haven’t even really started taking advantage of it in my training!

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