Adventures at Big Bear Lake

Having no set training schedule for the day, and a 3 day weekend, and Mike’s new mountain bike still being too clean, we decided to head up to Big Bear Lake for some kayaking and mountain biking on Sunday.

However, we didn’t count on fires closing the road up on the side of the mountain near us. So the 1.5 or 2 hour drive got about 30-45 minutes longer as we went up the back instead.

And although we knew there was a chance of thunder storms for the afternoon, we didn’t realize how much rain there would be! We each had a long sleeved running shirt, and while we hung out at the bike shop (getting some new rim tape on my bike, and generally chatting with the folks there that I haven’t seen in a while). But it cleared up eventually. Although we didn’t want to risk the lightning in the kayak situation, the day and the trails were PERFECT for a ride.

We started with some fire road climbing, armed with a small map with only a couple main fire roads and 2 of the more popular trails.

We of course stopped for a few photo shots on the way.

And then we of course missed the turn for one of the trails we had hoped to take, and instead took one that we found. We had a GPS, so weren’t too worried about getting lost. We could always retrace our steps.

And we found some great views!

Some sections were a bit less rideable than others… but we just kept seeing what was over the next hill.

We did end up hitting the fire road that the other trail would have taken us to, as well as finding some fun sections to play on along the way.

And some of the fire road sections were gorgeous! If you look closely, you can see me on the fire road.

Then we ended up at my favorite single track in the world: 1E01 — what I picture when I think of mountain biking.

Some sections are a bit more technical than others. There was some rutted sections, and some rocky ones. Some drops to go off. Some of everything, but nothing impossible for me.

Although I did wipe out once… a rutted section between a rock and a tree, I avoided the rock, hit the rut, and clipped the tree with my handle bars. Oops… probably should have gone over the rock although it looked a bit big — it would have been more comfy than doing a handstand with my bike still attached to my feet! It was a slow motion fall, and I didn’t smack my head against the next giant rock since I saw that coming! Only some bruises though, so it’s ok. Really, without any wipeouts, I’d wonder if I was trying hard enough stuff or was going to easy. Mike saw it, but didn’t have the camera ready in time. Next time!

But it was an awesome day! We made it down without further crazy adventure and then packed the bikes back up.

Before driving down the mountain though we had to try to get ahold of the bike shop guys… as we realized my phone had been left in there and they closed about 10 minutes before we realized it. Unfortunately, they actually locked the keys in the shop that day. So it took a bit of time for them to hunt down a spare, but they found it, I got the phone, and we were on our way home. Right as the rain started up again!

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