April 7th Derby Day 5k

I just realized I never posted here about my PR race!

So here it is… straight from my other blog 😉

I ran the Derby Day 5k April 7th. I mainly signed up because it went through the Arboreum, which is pretty, and the Santa Anita race track, which I’ve wanted to go to for a while. And race entry fee included parking and spending the day at the track and seeing the Santa Anita Derby and entry to the microbrew festival in the infield! So it was a fun day of pounding pavement and ponies!

The race course was great, although I had a goal of 24:59 (breaking 25 as I believe my previous 5k PR was about 25:13) so I didn’t get to enjoy much of the scenery. The downhills made my sore shin, well, more sore. But I kept telling me to suck it up and keep going hard, that it would be over soon. And so I listened to me. And finished in 24:20!! And by my watch the course was long at 3.18 miles, so it came to a 7:37 pace!! Yup, happy Kylie 🙂

Another fun bit was that I always pick “goal people”. You know, people I want to pass, or at least stay in sight of, etc. One guy in a russel shirt (the R was on the back of the neck) and gloves was one of those people for me. And then at one point I passed him, and he said “there you are!” and I wasn’t sure if I heard right, and I was hurting, so I kept going. Shortly after the finish I saw him, and yup, I was one of his goal people. I got away though and finished before him, but he was friendly, and both of us being there alone (his wife and daughter were still asleep) we walked around the expo together until he had to leave.

Then I ran into Dan (from Foothill Cyclery) and who I haven’t seen in a while, and talked with him for a bit, and it was good to catch up. And then later Mike showed up, and watched ponies with me, and drank beer. Wooo! It was a fun day, and the Santa Anita Derby was one by one of the least favorite horses, which I like seeing… if it wasn’t for surprises and ponies showing they are that good, it would get boring.

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