weekend tri-lights

The bad:

  • shortened the Saturday ride due to time constraints
  • missed the Sunday ride completely with getting the new bikes (mine and Mike’s) more ready and doing tons of new house errands

The good:

  • Got into a karate class (although I don’t find I’m missing it much any more) and got movies on DVD of a bunch of my forms, so I can use them to refresh my memory.
  • Got in about 20 miles ON THE NEW BIKE! It rides beautifully! It doesn’t feel like anything is attached to the pedals it is so light, and I flew on it! Even with a headwind for the slight downhill direction and being on a slight uphill the return trip I held a good pace. And Mike was beside me on his bike, and time with him is also good 🙂
  • Saw a hockey game Saturday night (tri related since it was with the tri club ;)) and called a friend I haven’t talked to in a while just to learn HE IS ALSO AT THE GAME. So we met up at a break. Amuzing since my first hockey game ever, and about the 3rd time I’ve ever called the friend.
  • Got many errands done — including a bike rack for the kitchen! Man it looks hott with Mike’s Cervelo and PX and my PX on it! I’ll have to post a pic once I have one. Oh, and also got some new biking gear, which is always fun 🙂
  • My swim felt nice and comfortable this morning, and I was holding a better pace than lately!

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