mmm shiny

Yay! The new bike fits! Finally having the bottom bracket bolt and an hour when the fitter guy was in the bike shop, the frame is a good size for me! Basically all he did was look at me on a trainer and say “if I was going to fit you to that bike I would be able to get a good fit”. So now I can actually take it out on a ride!! I can’t wait… well, I guess I’ll wait for the brakes to be connected, the steerer cut, and the aerobars trimmed down. Maybe. 😉

Click here for a bigger version.

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Thanks for all of the ride and bike info! I haven’t gotten out on my bike this year yet (it was glorious enough to run outside yesterday… biking comes next). I feel inspired. But, of course, it’s supposed to snow again on Friday! But it’s great to see the bike. I’m in the market and trying to get ideas.

Sweet Ride!!! Let me know how the aerobars work out for you. I was thinking about getting some but I don’t know about that straight bar or the S-shape thingy that bends upward.

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