pics from this weekend’s race

here are some pics from this weekend’s race:

me and Mike before the race

I won W25-29!

Mike won OVERALL!

To see all the pics check out my Redlands Tri gallery.

6 thoughts on “pics from this weekend’s race

Hey, you were around my neck of the woods. I totally forgot about the Redlands TRI. I would have cheered. Congrats on Both you guys and your wins! I’m gearing up for the LA TRI Express Series #1 so my minds been there since its coming up in April. Great pix and great job.

I was at the Redlands triathlon because I wanted to see what a sprint tri was like before I participated in one myself. It’s kind of cool, I remember seeing Mike and probably you too because I stayed for the whole race. I’d just finally matched up you guys from this blog to that day! I thought it was kind of cool, don’t mean to scare you!

Hi Jen and Trivortex — great to see more local tri’ers! Gonna make it to PossAbilities (a very similar sprint in loma linda)?

Hi Kyillee, I actually do have that race on my calendar. Only thing I’m worried about is that I have an out of state conference that week so don’t know if the travel/event will take a lot out of me. We’ll see though!

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