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Another great weekend for riding!

Saturday I checked out a fireroad I had seen on a map. It connected to my favorite loop, and cut out some of the busier road sections. And it worked, and was a good ride. I did have to walk one hill. But that just means it’s a new nemisis hill. Which is good — since I conquered the old one! Ok, not perfectly yet. It’s a very sharp uturn to a downhill, to a left through a stream and up a hill. If I set up at the top, I can make it. It will truely be conquered once I can just ride right through the whole thing.

Sunday was back on the road chasing Mike. This time on his tri bike getting those muscles ready for racing again. Did the loop of bike paths down to the beach and back to the hills. 80 miles. And over 80 degrees out! We both forgot sunscreen, so ended up with tan lines already, and February has just started! My nose and arms and legs were a bit red… but it was still a fun ride!

I gave my legs a bit of a rest from pounding last week, and should be back out on a long run this Wednesday. And I’ve been in the pool, but nothing too exciting to report. I really like having swim workouts planned with me and my goals and abilities as their only target audience. It makes it hard to cheat on them since I know they are right for me!

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