24 hours of woooo!

woooooo! So yesterday morning Mike and I ordered our bikes. I was yet again please with Planet X and all the help they gave me. Having seen a thread on a tri site about Team Planet X Tyros I decided to check it out again. To be eligible you have to ride a Planet X bike and be a cyclist or triathlete in the US or Canada, and to apply you have to send in a paragraph of why you should be on the team as well as a race resume. So last night I did. And today I got an email that started “Would like to welcome you as a member of Team Planet X Tyros”. So yes, happy happy wooo!

And I have my first sponsor (ok second if you count Foothill Cyclery doing tons of maintenance stuff and providing race wheels — but first that I had to apply for).

Hehe… one of my biggest points in my email was the value of internet community participation and blogs, etc. And yes, I gave Trifuel much credit.

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I’m pleased to say that in the thread about where people are active online Trifuel has been mentioned by more than 2 or 3 people (out of not that many)!

Congrats on the new ride and sponsor. That’s beyond cool! Get out there and tear up some asphalt, and let us know how that bike rides. I have to go deal with my bike envy now. 🙂

Tell Tribro he needs to hook you up with a kit now!

Thanks guys!

As for the trifuel kit, I will (I believe) be racing in the PX stuff. So now I’m waiting for trifuel training jerseys to come out 🙂

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