leaving on a jet plane…

This morning I dropped Mike off at the airport so that he could go to a USAT Coaching clinic. But that isn’t what this post is about (he’ll be back Thursday evening… I should be able to survive :p At least if all goes well).

Anyways… I have a southwest round trip voucher. From and to anywhere that they fly. The catch is that it expires Feb 06, 2007. So I have to use it by then. Where do I want to go???

I was thinking of NYC to visit my sis at her college, but am not sure if that’s a good thing to plan last minute or what days would be good for her (she’s a busy one).

Or to Arizona to see the nephews and deliver their presents, but that’s only like $80 in tickets anyways, so I don’t mind doing it anyways.

The boy works every day for 273 hours on each one, and since he’s out this week it would just be me for the trip. I can’t think of many places that I really would want to just go on my own.

Or I could transfer it to someone…


4 thoughts on “leaving on a jet plane…

Yeah I was totally leaning toward sis until I learned the travel voucher only is good for going to Long Island aiport if I pick NY. I might wait and go with a cousin or friend in the spring.

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