adventures of biking

Back on the bike this weekend for a long ride, as well as a few shorter ones. On Saturday I rode out to Mike’s place, almost sliding on some ice on my way there. Ice? Yes, ice. In Southern CA. You see, it was a bit cooler this weekend. So from the time someone empty a drink out a car window to when I reached that intersection, the ice from their cup hadn’t had time to melt! Amazing…

Anyways, I had been complaining about my bike sucking, and maybe getting a new one. Added to by the fact that I can’t really turn right. Mike has just been really busy, and so he is going to help me fix it, but we just haven’t had time. He thought I was kidding about how bad the turning is, and exagerating it to rationalize a new bike. Then he moved my bike the other day. And started worrying that it isn’t even safe. I really don’t have much right turning I can do as the cable for the front derailleur is way way messed up. But I rode home with it that way, and did get a new cable and cable housing, so we will be fixing it this evening. And then I will no longer have a zoolander bike. “If I could only… turn… RIGHT!”

Sunday morning I rode with Mike to where he meets up with Rich, and this time Ronnie was with Rich. I was about to go on my own way, when Rich told me to just join ’em. I was worried a bit, but told them I’d try it if they were ok with ditching me anywhere along the ride if I was slow. It was going to be an out and back that they were doing as an easy climb, and I was able to stay with them for their easy part. I felt pretty good… ended up doing most of the out part with Ronnie, who hasn’t been riding as much. They all raced on the way back, and I just took my time. It was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I went. I really miss having biking company. I need to find someone also looking at later season IMs, or just that distance of riding, at about a 6:45ish IM pace (the current thought on what might be the goal).

I left the boys and finished my ride on my own, including getting chased by a dog for the first time! It was fairly easy to outrun, but I was annoyed as the owner was outside with it and didn’t even call it back when it took off after me! Well I know where the dog lives… and it’s not on a regular area I go by, or I’d be even more tempted to report it.

Anyways, got in about 62 miles Sunday, and 25 on Saturday. All of it felt ok, but the foot is still achey. I’m working on getting that MRI. Even called my doc to get a referral to the place I will actually go.

Oh and in other fun news… I’m running faster. My average for this month is around 9:45 miles for about 30 miles, and last month was just under 10 (and very few miles) and before that was over 10min/mi. So I guess having a cute boy running not too far ahead is good motivation. Although I think I need to start listening to the HR monitor more sometimes 😉

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I’m always surprised that YOU are surprised at how well you do biking with the boys. Good luck with your bike. I would hate to see you riding in circles because you can’t make right turns!

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