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So Mike and I had “the talk” last night. It was a bit hard to get started, but I knew what I thought would be best and I had to say it. “So I’ve been thinking…” I started. “Next year… I think it would be fun to do IM KY.”

After a deep breath, the hard part of starting done, I let him know why. It’s a month later than Lake Placid (the other under consideration) and I could get in for sure. While we thought we could both get Lake Placid spots at Ralphs (ok at Ford 70.3 Iroman California or whatever the real name is now), I was less confident that I would really get one. Plus, we both did the first IM AZ (although we didn’t know each other at the time) — we could start a tradition of doing the new races, signing up when there is no course info, no history, etc. Then there is also the name — IM KY. Get your minds out of the gutter! I’m not referring to it’s other name of IM Slick in some posts on Trifuel… I just like it because Ky (saying it as a word, not letters) is the name some close friends and family use for me, so I call it my IM (ok, I know it’s really IM Louisville, but I still say part of our reason for picking this IM is its name).

I waited for his reaction… “Ok.” After a bit of debate over his foot (and mine, for that matter) being ready in time, we decided to go for it. I guess part of it is that you never know with IM if you will really be ready/healthy/etc. But I feel I will have the same doubts come March (and Ralphs) so why not.

And so it looks like on Oct 21st we will be registering.

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Well you did the “talk” and now ya gotta do the walk. Good on ya! Scared. Ya, you’re not alone, anything can happen right. My first of the two IMs for 2007 is 8 mo away and I am already scared. Remember to enjoy the journey huh?

Ha ha. I can’t believe you had the “talk”. That’s a pretty serious commitment! You’ll do fine. I don’t know a hardier, more stubborn, finish or else and still smile at the end tri girl. You’ll do great. Not to mention the training together time. Woo. 🙂

thanks guys!

BBB – the journey is the only reason to do another IM. Raceday is just a day. A great one, but just a single day.

Skunk – will be blogging it like the geek I am 🙂

Lisa don’t menion that it’s commitment or I might run 😉

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