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This weekend I moved. Only 2 miles away from the old place but still lots of work! But moving items to the new place is done, cleaning the old place is done, and unpacking is in progress.

I also went for my first ride post-Vineman! Woo! 19 miles with some loops around Bonelli. No HRM as I just wanted to enjoy the break from unpacking! My legs felt a bit heavy at parts, but parts felt very comfy. The miles flew by, but that’s ’cause I had good company since Mike joined me. For him it was miles 110-129, though.

Oh, the official Vineman race pictures are up! Click here to see mine =)

5 thoughts on “busy busy & pics

Happy new home! 🙂 I bought Jem this weekend – tell Holly thanks for me. Love it.

I love the look you have on your face as you cross the finish line. Totally a “take that” look. 🙂

A nice distraction from the pain, eh? Too bad the miles flew by so fast. 😉

Oh you are so happy at the finishline hehehe. The pain was over! And all running pics had a big smile, even though the pain was there. Good for you, certainly “grace under pressure” hehehe.

I was out for a morning swim and bike… but more of an afternoon run 😉 And it was fun (even when painful) so it wasn’t too hard to remember to smile.

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