Round one of Vineman pics are up!!

The Vineman pics Lisa took for me are now posted! Check them out!

And here is one of my favorites, as the thing I remember most about each Ironman I’ve done is the support, cheers, and love of the family and friends who took that day’s journey with me:

Mom, Ryan (big bro), Ethan (nephew), Becky (sister), Dad, Me, Jenny (in back, sis-in-law), Holly (besterest not-real-sis), Wendy (super-stepmom), Lisa

Even other non-related-to-them triathletes thought they were the best cheering section! While running by, one yelled “you’re my favorite fans!” and so my brother happily told the replied “you’re our 2nd favorite triathlete!”. When the second person made a similar comment, she was told she was their 3rd favorite triathlete. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Round one of Vineman pics are up!!

Oh, and I never told you but your mom was trying to get me to hook up with one of the guys that flirted a little. She thought I should go wait for him at the finish. But I didn’t want to leave my post! Is your mom a matchmaker?

Looks like you all had a really good time. Even Lisa found some joy in the day, that’s good, it’s good to have great friends to share it all with, the good and the bad.

My aren’t we all a bunch of friends now huh? Following each others lives. Like we have nothing better to do hehehehe. It’s nice to see the people we all talk about and deal with. I am still very impressed with your Vineman journey Kylie.

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