a sad day (followed with more TMI)

I just went to pick up my bike. They weren’t answering the phone, so I figured since there was a good chance it would be done I’d just swing by. I turned into the parking lot, and saw familiar cars in front of the shop. But the shop looked closed… the bar gates were drawn, and the open sign was off. Curious, I got out. So why were Dan’s cars (yes, multiple ones) there if it was closed? I notice the bars are not locked over the secondary door and walk over to it. I pull, and it opens. Opens on a basically empty shop, a shadow of what it once was. Some hangers, some empty bike racks, and Dan. Gone, all gone. Two weeks ago I was thinking how I’d never do the same ride home from a shop ride again, and now there will never be another shop ride. Foothill Cyclery has gone out of business 🙁 I will miss my bike shop boys.

However, I think I will stay in touch with them, and might either start riding with the Inland Inferno Tri folks, or through email set up rides with the regulars anyways. We shall see, but I will have a new house with a BBQ not far from where the shop was, and that could make for some fun ride-n-grill days.

On a Too Much Info note, still somewhat hurting in my gut I went to the doc today. I have a bladder infection — wooo! And a bad enough one that he wasn’t surprised a hard workout had me peeing blood, and was more suprised that it didn’t spread to my kidneys from what he could tell. So now on meds for that. So it’s less worry since I know why, which is good.

4 thoughts on “a sad day (followed with more TMI)

Nooooooooooooo!!!!!!! Oh, I am so bummed. 🙁 I loved those guys. It’s a dark day for sure. Tell them I said thanks for everything – the rides, my Hobbes, the encouragement, and especially the fun. Maybe we can start up an email list or something.

I’m sorry it turned out to be that but I’m glad you went to the doctor and will be better with the meds.

Sorry about the LBS. Double sorry abou the bladder thing. But, still amazed at you Kylie. IM and bladder probs. but still finish, awsome! You’re a studette!

Two studette references in two days? Gotta be some kind of record! hehe Seriously though, glad you got checked out and you’re now on the mend. Bummer about the LBS. Hope those guys all land on their feet… or… wheels:)

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