Vineman posts summary

For those of you that read your friends page from top to bottom (and thus backwards in time order) I did post each section of my race separately… here they all are:

start, swim, T1
bike & T2
run & finish (aka because an Ironman isn’t hard enough)

Times summary:
Swim (2.4 miles): 1:24:25.9
T1: 5:45.3
Bike (113ish miles): 7:13:05.2
T2: 5:02.9
Run total (unofficial since messed up on web page): 5:03ish
Total: 13:49:35.0
Age group: 6/12
women: 30/58 finishers
overall: 165

I have some great shots that Lisa and Holly took at the race… I will post them later.

I also want to share my horoscope from raceday: “Things may be moving a bit too fast today for you to grab a hold of anything, Kylie. There is an element of the unexpected entering into the equation. Be prepared for anything. The mood of the day is especially light and perhaps a bit superficial. People may not be entirely reliable, so if there is something you absolutely need to get done, you might consider just doing it yourself.” heh… it works.

10 thoughts on “Vineman posts summary

Sweet race girl. Way to gut it out. Probs., deal with them and move on. It’s what IM is all about. NEVER giving up unless you can’t move. Revisit, assess and move on, brutal instinct. Never stop moving forward. What can I say but super. You’re a tough chic when you can overcome peeing blood aaak! Sorry for the run. Wow, people in the way AND helping competators. That is just not fair. Where were the refs??? You’re a winner Kylie!

Thanks Libor! It felt like a successful day when all was done ๐Ÿ™‚ It gives me hopes of breaking 13 someday!

I was curious, too. I saw a few refs (both on bike and run) but didn’t see many penalties given.

Yeah and they said there were lots but I didn’t see any either while we were driving. I did see the bunches of people too from our spectator seats in the grass. You already know I think you did great! You guys should have seen her on the bike, she was a blur of blue and black when she passed us. I only knew it was Kylie because I heard the tires singing. ๐Ÿ˜€

Thanks Lisa and Paul! Lisa I was proud to have you there. And my mom keeps telling me how much she likes my friends now and how they are great people ๐Ÿ™‚

Paul you’ll do great! =)

Great inspiration for sure. Another example of the body being able to do what the mind says it can’t. Rest up and bask in the glory:)

What is this “rest” you speak of? ๐Ÿ˜‰ My bike gets back today or in a few days… oh and I get to move this weekend… woo!

Wow, awesome race report Kyillee. Through the first half I was thinking, wow – this race is going so smoothly! – and then came the troubles on the run – great job fighting through it (I hope you’re continuing to improve? It sounded scary…) Rest well and get ready for whatever’s next!

yeah, I had the same thoughts of huh this is going pretty well… guess you never know what an IM will throw at you. I’m still feeling better and better, which is good.

I take my hat off, well my A’s cap, for you!

Hey you’re a Tough Cookie.

Iรขโ‚ฌโ„ขm surprised to learn IM AZ isn’t has hard as V. I thought any IM loggo race is harder than the others. I guess the brand name has something to do with it.

Awesome effort Kyillee!

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