It has been commented that I am a slacker, and was lazy this last week. After all, since Wednesday all I did was drive, eat, sleep, and a single workout. Yet here is the story of that single workout (in the next few posts) and you can be the judge.

Short version of all of Vineman: I made it and lived, despite worries a few times on course. By far a harder race than IM AZ, and one that showed me I have gotten stronger.

And now the much much much much longer version… starting with pre-Vineman!

Although Vineman really started months ago with the ups and downs of training and such, it became a bit more real Tuesday night last week as I started packing. I had a list (actually a few copies, as I am a dork) and it was time to actually put the items into bags. It went fairly smoothly, with Mike keeping me company. I didn’t forget anything, but did end up packing more than I needed. Yet when it comes to food for the bike leg, I don’t mind carrying extra.

Lisa and I drove to northern CA on Wednesday afternoon/early evening. A lot of driving, but nicely uneventful. I drove a good part (because I like to just be getting it done) and she drove a bit (and let me get a much needed nap). We drove past my dad’s place by about an hour to my mom’s, where she took us out to dinner at one of my favorite places and then we slept. I also got to see Becky, my little sis. It was one of the best nights of good sleep I’d had in a while… her bed is just comfy for me. It felt great. Thursday I got to go through all of the clothes and books and everything but toys from when little that was in the garage. Since there have been a number of moves since I lived at home, nothing was in familiar order or places and I really had no idea what was there. All done, I have one bag of stuff and one bag and one small box of books. The rest is to be given away! Cleaning stuff out like that always feels like a good accomplishment to me.

Then it was time for more driving, and back to Dad’s we went. There I got to see my dad, superstepmom Wendy, brother Ryan, sis-in-law Jenny, nephew (cutest one in the world) Ethan, and stepsis Courtney. Wonderful people, and more wonderful food 🙂 They even made sure to have pasta just for me and Lisa (since they aren’t as big of carb people). I also got to spend some awesome Ethan-time. We raced many times (“Efan race? owside? Kylie race Efan?”) as he knew there was something with me and a race. He won everytime. But at the end each time I also got to tackle him and tickle his tummy. He’ll be 2 in less than a week now, and is AWESOME. We also kayaked… him in a boat, me pulling it. Across the lawn, down the stairs, his cuteness moves boats everywhere! He also learned some new words this weekend — including “d’oh!” when he tripped or dropped something. That’s Papa’s (my dad’s) fault. And was cute looking under beds for the kitty, finding it, and asking “Kitty play?”. Another good one of his is “mirror… mirror” while tapping his thigh for “come here”.

More sleep, and relaxing much of the next morning (as much as I can when a cute nephew wants to play). Then back in the car — 40 minute drive to Oakland Airport where Lisa and I added Holly to our car, and about 1:45 from there to the race checkin. We got our chips and bags, went to the meeting, did a grocery run (gummi DINOS??? HECK YES!) and then dropped off our TA2 bags (for bike to run). Holly and I headed out for a delicous dinner at a local place we found and really liked, and Lisa with her family. Then it was bike prep, and into bed. Somewhat late, but excited it was hard to sleep anyways.

Before a second had passed… BEEP BEEEEEP BEEEEEEEP it was 4… oatmeal into the microwave, tri shorts on, and fairly quickly we were out the door, complete with bikes, to head to the river.

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