So I have finally copied some pics from my phone to a computer… so here are some images to accompany some of my recent stories:

View from the top of GMR April 29th

The beautiful morning at the top of Marshall Canyon June 8th. It’s a mtn bike loop — that’s the reward after about 7.5 miles with about 2000 ft of climbing.

Lovall Valley Loop ride in Sonoma — a gorgeous loop about 2 miles long with no cars, lights, people, etc. And is placed at the top of a climb!

Me, my sis Becky, and my mom at Becky’s high school graduation

It’s a bear! (yes, he is there… just small and far away. This was taken as he was running off)

3 thoughts on “pics

Lots of cool pics. 🙂 You and your sister have the same smile. It’s much better that the bear was small and far away as opposed to BIG and running towards you. Yikes!

Cool chics, all three of you hehe. I like the mist over the mtns vary nice. Good for you and that brick the other day. Those are my fav. You musta had fun.

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