happy birthday to meeee

Ok so it’s not my birthday. But I have gotten myself a birthday present, that will be at my birthday! hehe… I’m going to fly up and see the end of Primal Quest up at Moab! And then go to Zion and maybe Bryce national parks (by meeting up with a friend who lives at Zion and has to go to Bryce for work one of the days I’ll be around). Now maybe it’s time to invest in a waterproof/dropsafe/etc digital camera… 😉

Now for the debate: Do I take my own mountain bike, or rent one? Right now I’m leaning to taking mine, if there is room for it and a case in Rob’s car between Moab and Zion. I’m thinking of shipping it out, since cheaper and less hassle than flying with it since I won’t need it the week before or after (when my tri bike will get all the attention).

So it will be me, my running shoes, a camera, hopefully a mountain bike, a bunch of fun AR folks around Moab, and one fun AR guy for the whole trip… Sounds good to me!

6 thoughts on “happy birthday to meeee

How fun! Have a great time. We’ll be expecting lots o’ pics with one of those sweet cameras! And… happy… uh… birthday? 😉

Oh the pain of not being able to enter the race. Have a great time, I know you will. Take pics and show us. I can imagine the birds there Wow! Have fun watching, can ya volunteer in some way?

I’ll be hanging out with the person doing most of the water course stuff, and with other volunteers, and plan to help as needed. Most volunteers they want there the whole race. 🙂

Wow! Sounds like a killer time in the works! Happy Bday and enjoy it all. Lisa’s pictures were something else, so you have something to really look forward to. Enjoy!

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