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Well… I can tell I’ve been pushing it lately. Which is odd, since I feel like a slacker. I think it’s mostly from the race. Although I worked from home the day after, and even though I had only 2 or 3 very light workouts last week, I never really got in a good sleep session. I felt it on Saturday. Went out for a ride, planning to do 60 – 80 miles on the bike. The LBS ride ended up being about 30, and I was just exhausted. My knee was sore, and not in a good way. So I called it a day. Home to food, ice, and sleep. Wow. I think I slept almost all day. Reading and sleeping on the couch, and then had dinner and frozen yogurt with some friends. Felt much better after that, which was good.

Sunday was the long run. I went a bit over 15 miles (the plan called for 15-18), but the knee was not happy (from around the midway point, but it was a big loop so I just sucked it up since it wasn’t awful). The end of the run felt really good though. Stiff and tired muscles, but they were happy to be moving.

Then it was more ice, and then shopping and food with friends. I got a very cute bike skirt. Yes, bike skirt. It’s blue and has bright flowers on it. I’m excited :). Also got a new swim suit, although not one I plan to race in! First year in I don’t know how long that trying on swim suits didn’t make me feel completely awful (as far as body image) for the rest of the day. So that was a nice surprise.

This is another light week, trying to keep the knee happy. I think I figured out why it was sore. My cleat placement had been a bit off on the bike shoes, and commuting with them that way made it a bit achey. And then I remember that I did slid at one point in the race last weekend, with that leg being the one that ended up bent back and under me. So I bet it was the combo. Some tiger balm last night, and swimming this morning, and it is a lot more comfortable than yesterday. Yesterday it inspired a bad dream, and had me work from home since I drive a manual.

Right now I’m hoping to get back into the workout pattern again. Adventure races always seem to throw it off a bit for me. They are great fun, and I wouldn’t give them up, but that’s the truth. I think they also make me stronger though, so it’s a trade-off.

Oooh… and got a raise at work! It’s always great when it is made clear that you are appreciated and the stuff you do doesn’t go unnoticed. It may mean new-toy-time. Or a fun race or other outdoorsy trip. We’ll see! Now to do more of the working part.

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