day 1

Ok, so really I don’t have the Paleo for Athletes book yet, and so I can’t really follow all the details yet. But starting today I’m focusing more on lean meats and proteins, and more on fruits and veggies (and less on carbs, but hey I heard to focus on what you can eat and I prefer that method). So far it’s going pretty well — dunno where soup fits in the mix, but the ingredients were mainly corn and peppers, so I think it works. And salad. Mmm I love salad. And have a great new raspberry dressing from Trader Joes. We’ll see how long it lasts, but this is my putting it in writing: here it goes.

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I haven’t tried to watch my diet specifically but I have noticed that when I excercise more my cravings for sweets and such diminishes greatly.

I try to watch what I eat but I certainly don’t count calories, at least not yet.

Thanks for your comment and good luck on your endevour to change/(improve?) your eating habits. I know mine could do with some improving, still like a bit of desert after dinner.

caaaaaaaaaaaaaaarbs caaaaaaaaaaaaaarbs, PBH bagels Yummmmmmmm. That’s life! Hey, Kylie congrats on the raise and yes, sleep is “muy importante” If you are like me, sleep is better than a day off. Do you find that? I’m with ya on the food thing. Damn if I can lose that last 3lbs. It’s frikin’ hard!

I totally agree on the sleep thing. I’m trying to find the new balance with it in training.

And hey, I can still have the PBH bagels… I just have to have them in certain windows in reference to workouts =)

mmmm carbs! Good luck Kylie with the new diet! You’re right on so many fronts. It’s all about finding a good balance with sleep, food, workouts etc.

How is that rasberry dressing? It sounds delicious!!

the raspberry stuff is the BEST EVAR! Waaaay fewer cals than regular salad dressing, tons of flavor. A bit sweet, but not too much so. Also made with all natural and unprocessed ingredients! mmm.

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