dreams already??

Lisa, Jeremy, and my friend Randy (who is silent on Trifuel — muahahaha I am exposing him as payback for the dream) were all getting ready to head to Vineman. Yet for some reason it was only like 10-12 miles from us, so Randy was going to pick up me and Lisa (I think Jer might have already been with him or something). But he just couldn’t find us! We tried and tried to get him to the right place, but it wasn’t working. So Lisa and I were like “This kinda sucks… ” and clipped in to ride to the start. It was kinda crazy… we were totally stressing and annoyed and panicy — but just getting it done. In true SoCal bike commuter style =)

In real life (yeah, as real as it seemed, I could still figure out it had been a dream once I woke up) things are moving along. My nephew is adorable! 1.5 years old now, and starting to talk. One of his favorite words is “nuisance”. When he was being silent and not saying whatever it was his parents were trying to get him to say, they said “Ethan, you’re such a nuisance” and he looked up and said “nuisance”? And now he even answers to that name (well, at least looks up to it). He’s getting to the age that people need to start being careful what they say around him… he dropped some cereal in the kitchen and said something that sounded remarkably like “shit”. But we aren’t sure on that one.

However, as cute as he is, and how sweet it is that he shares stuff… He gave me a goodbye present of a bit of a stomach thing. Man that made the plane flight home SUCK! However, I don’t think anything could have made it match the flight in, on which I met a cute boy (and yes, got his number).

Training-wise the long weekend was decent — Sunday before church I got in a 10 mile run in Tucson (I went really early and it was still fairly warm by the time I was done). And Monday I went mountain biking with my big brother (more like sand biking, but a few technical sections, and one massive climb on the road to get back to our car). He has great mtb skillz (as he used to ride tons) but I kicked his butt up the final climb, and he was dead after the ride (yup, he was well-mocked for this). It was kinda odd though… I’m used to him being the athletic and in-shape one of the two of us.

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Ooh, sorry about the stomach thing. Not fun, especially while flying. Kudos on the number though. 🙂 That must have been a great way to start the weekend.

Glad you had fun with your brother and his family. Kids are a riot and sometimes it’s so hard to be “stern aunt’ and not just roll with laughter at what they say and do. I know what you mean about your brother too. My sister was always “the athletic kid”. I was the “book kid”. 🙂

Oh, and you’re not alone. I’ve had a dream about Vineman too. Crazy how real it seemed…

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