Happy anniversary

… or something.

Anniversary of what, you might ask? Well, that’s the tough question.

is definitely the easy answer: My first tri was this day in 2004. On a
borrowed hybrid bike, and reverse order (Redlands Tri). Wooo 2 years of

But there is also the answer that I seem to remember more. Perhaps it stands out more since there is no one special reminding me of
the fun, giggly parts of Valentine’s Day. But today I feel more in the quiet, sad mode, remembering the day I learned (many
times…) that bad things don’t just happen to people I don’t know. Bad things can happen close to home, too, as I’ve lost a few loved ones, all suddenly and completely unexpected, on this day.

Today I’m somewhat ignoring it all,
but reminding myself of both answers. All parts of life influence each
other… the extremes and emotions we know define the heights of their
counterparts. Last year on this day I was happy, and felt life was
falling in place. These things didn’t stand out so much then. This
year, not so much… so yeah, I’m busy remembering.

On a more tri note… The run I had this morning made me feel alive, and it was good. My mom loves me, and I now have a very bright blinky red light (great for running with, and probably biking, too). She also got me RoadID, the shoelace one (although it velcros onto my shuffle armband just as well). It has my cell, her cell, and even Holly’s. Holly was happy to have made the “mom cut” onto the emergency number list.

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