got rest time?

Ok so yes, I did a lot this weekend. I earned my rest day today!
Only pilates, and I'll be good after that. I promise! I didn't even
bike commute (thanks to an 8am meeting when I get here at 8:30 on the

But yeah, damn that was a great weekend!

Friday I extended the bike commute in to 17 miles on Friday morning, and then the regular 10 back, and then Pilates was so good that I'm going again tonight!

Awesome ride (about 55 miles)
Saturday morning, making it home just in time to leave for a swim
clinic, which included about 2 hours in the pool. I even got
complimented… some people didn't have fins, and they said they'd take
fins from people who'd do fine without them, and then asked if another
guy could use mine. So that was good. It was a good clinic — mostly
stuff I'd heard, but good to get feedback on how I was doing with doing
it. Unfortunately, the underwater lense for the camera was broken, so
we only got above water filming/analysis, but get to go back for the
other part on a date to be announced.

Sunday I slept in (got home a bit – or maybe very very very – late from
the wonders of karaoke and Denny's), and then did a short "long
" for the week (barely longer than my reg runs). That
afternoon, Joey (who I also hadn't seen in way too long)
made his way out to Claremont and we went on a wonderful gorgeous happy
and thrilling mtn
bike ride
(Claremont Hills Wilderness Park through to
Marshall Canyon). Good goood gooooood times!

So I definitely got in my workouts and my fun… and even managed sleep yet again! I'm getting good at the whole "weekends" part of life. Now if only some weekdays got converted to 'em as well…

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