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There is something about sharing goals that makes them more real for
me… but first I’ll start with the beginning. A fellow blogger on the
other site I use posted a great “1st 50k” report, and I told him so and
that someday I’ll be there. He told me he’s read my IM report, and
knows I could do a 50 miler, 100 miler, etc. Then I read my horoscope
for the day:

Your passions have been stirring about like a caged animal for
the past several days, Kylie. Now is the time to let them out. Some of
what you express may elicit surprise or disapproval, but that’s no
reason not to speak up. If you don’t express yourself, illness may
result. Your goal should be to be true to your inner self; that’s the
only way, ultimately, to be happy and healthy.”

I’m starting to work with a great coach and I think that horoscope is telling me to share my dreams desires… so… I’ve updated my 2006 “A” Races List:

  1. Vineman IM – Aug. 12th
  2. a
    50k (I need to find a good one… any suggestions let me know) – I’m
    thinking either 2+ months before the IM, or sometime after it. I will
    work with Coach Tony to decide on this.
  3. a 50 miler? (this is still a maybe) – after the Vineman. As a final and big close to my season.

I just have to find 50k and maybe a 50miler to put in there… and see
if I can really get the courage up to go for a 50 miler (for some
reason 50k doesn’t sound bad to me but a 50 miler scares me). Someday
I’d love to do Western States 100, and then later Badwater (and perhaps
even the Badwater Ultra and the Furnace 508 bike in the same year for
that crazy and wonderful double). But that’s the future. Right now I’m
asking my body if it is ready to attack a 50 miler…

Oh, and
I’ve taken yesterday and today off. I’ve got a bit of a nasty cold and
figured the sleep was more important. Hey, at least I’m getting it out
of the way now instead of once the 16 week base training program starts
the 16th 😉

Also went to a heart rate clinic last night (done by
Crucible Fitness). It had some great theoretical info, and calculating
HR zone info, but I was a bit disappointed int he lack of “how to apply
this in training”. I almost felt like they didn’t want to give that
away since they are also coaches, although I know in part it’s just
hard to make the judgement call sometimes when out on a run and that
making such calls is hard to explain and just comes with experience.

And now I put 2005 to rest…

2005 Big Plans/Goals

  1. 1st marathon (Carlsbad 1/16/05) — DONE 4:56:53
  2. 1st century (Tour de Palm Springs 2/5/05 — DONE 6:39:01 moving time, 104 miles, some rests)
  3. 1st Ironman (Arizona 4/9/05) — DONE 13:51:26

Other Races

  • Possabilities Tri Series (1/23, 2/13, 3/13, 4/3) — DONE (1st in age group in series)

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