another day on the bike

There is a towel hanging out of the desk drawer behind me, bike shoes under the chair, and my beautiful bike in the hallway. I feel like I fit in with you other bike commuters today! Took metrolink most of the way in, biking the last 10 miles (where it doesn't go – yet). Instead of to work though I met up with my training buddy at his house and we got in a 6 mile run. So it has been a productive day. Oh, and the 10:30 meeting I made it in for? It was (and always is… dunno what I was thinking) at 10… but was canceled this week so I still win.Went a bit too hard on the ride, 'cause I wanted to be sure to have time for the run. I might have to look at the Thurs bricks I was thinking of adding since the 10 meeting will be harder to make it to.

Bike: 10.14 miles, 48:42. Lots of stoplights. Avg – speed 13.3 mph, HR 163 bpm

Run: 6.25 miles, 1:09:51. Avg – pace 11:08, HR 155 bpm. MaxHR 163ish (one spike at 167 but might be interference since it looks random)

It wasn't as hard to run slow and easy when running with a buddy, so that was nice. Now to see how the bike ride home goes — only the 10 mile and train version today.

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