Back to the Past in the Future

Sunday Holly and I signed a lease! We got the cute little duplex right near the Claremont Village (town center). It's adorable, and all will be invited to our housewarming 😉 Oh, and this is the town I went to college in… so that explains the topic line of this post.

I also got in some fun workout time this weekend, among the lots of driving and seeing of fun people. Saturday did karate for a hour, yogo for an hour, and swam about a mile before heading to a party. Sunday I ran 10 miles before heading to a brunch, and then later dinner with friends. Umm… ow? The run that is… I was planning a shorter run (6-8ish) but was feeling good… however, it meant I wore shorts I know rub and no bodyglide. Yes, I'm paying for it today. Oops. But lots and lots of yummy food! We went to a Costa Rican place for dinner, and it was great!

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