pool ramblings

Made it to the pool last night. With Stephen, who was just gonna
jump in the hot tub after he felt how cold the water was. Bad
motivation! So I got in the hot tub as well, but soon tired of sitting
still figured I'd try out the (now colder feeling) pool, and it was
great! Did 500 yards (or maybe meters, but I think yards) in just over
10 min. Having swam 3 times since the end of June, that was just fine
with me! That was all though… it was late and I just needed to prove
to myself that I couldl get back in the water.

Sat by the pool
with S as we airdried for a bit, and talked of fun random things. I
think it started with kayaking in the pool. And then changed to
motorcycling in it. And then I came up with the best route! Into the
pool area, down the shallow-end stairs and cut the motor. Gotta have a
lot of speed though, cause have to coast across the shallow end, and
make the turn onto the handicap ramp at the other side, where you can restart (since sucking water into the bike = bad) and make it up the ramp and out of the pool! This brought up washing the bike in the "shower before entering" shower at the side of the pool. It being a fairly fancy pool area, that is somewhat enclosed and hard to see. But… they don't allow hoses at our apartment. Which I don't like 'cause that's how I clean my mtn bike, which I like doing (maybe like a little too much). And I came up with another great idea! Use the pool shower to wash it… so I checked it out on my way out. It has a handicap side (to go with the ramp and cranes) and that has a hose-type nossle, that should work great to spray down bikes!

Oh, and we checked on the way out… the sign says no surf or boogie boards, but doesn't mention boats (or motorcycles, or bikes)! I wonder how long til we lose pool visitation rights…

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