new habit

I'm definitely pleased with my new Friday morning loop for running. I
did it for the second Friday in a row today. It really takes exactly 2
hours, and has some spots at the end where it will be easy to add a
mile or so when I'm in the mood. It starts with some tough climbing,
and then has some great bike path (no cars) sections. It's also nice because it's near a karate studio I'm only at on Fridays, so it's not areas that I also use in shorter runs.

Today I added a bit, making it 12.66 miles. Did it in 2:03. Under a 10 min pace = I'm happy with it!

What is cool about doing the same loop is (ok, yes, this will be geeky) that Motionbased
has a "dot race" feature. Where you can select 2-5 activities (of
yours, of other peoples, of you and another person, etc) and "race"
them. It puts dots on a map, and shows how they compared. I'm gonna
post a link to my last two runs of that loop, but it's a bit tricky to
view. You need to be a member of the site to view this link… but… I
have a free acount for friends, and I guess you guys are close
enough… so here's how to view the runs if you are interested:

1. Go to: (you'll have to use IE for it)

2. Click "log in" (upper left corner) and enter username: friendbear with password: kylie

3. Copy this link:,299444

4. Paste into that IE window and hit enter. Now look! It's me running as a little dot! Woo! I'm racing me… I think I'll win 😉

think it's cool that I was basically the exact same pace the whole
time, but can see spots where I did better one week or the other.

Another longish run is planned for this weekend, as well as hopefully a medium to long bike ride with my roommate. And karate. Wheee! Today is good… but I should get some work done now.

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